The most famous temple is Pura Luhur Uluwatu, at the southwest extremity of the peninsula, perched on a high limestone cliff. This is one of the most visited tourist destinations, especially at sunset, when for a few moment the light is unearthly. The surf just below Uluwatu is world-famous.

TURTLE ISLAND : See turtle conservation, where you are invited to hold and photograph the turtle.
TANJUNG BENOA : Exploring a beauty of panorama under sea water by doing the snorkeling, fell so close with many kind of fishes
GWK : (Garuda Wisnukencana) Cultural park with the statue depicts the God Visnhu, as a source of wisdom, legend Garuda as the manifestation of consciousness towards Amrita, eternal goodness.
BALI AGROTOURISM : The nature peacefuly garden of coco, fruits, spices, and coffee plantations.
ULUWATU TEMPLE : An amazing temple built on the top of cliff about 100 meters high facing open to Indian Ocean it’s great place to see sunset.
KECAK FIRE DANCE : An especially unique and possibly the most dramatic of all Balinese dances.

(Duration tour max. 10 hours. Pick up time : 08.30 AM)

  • Regular Tours Price:
    USD 40/car ( 1 till 6 person included)
    USD 75/minibus ( 1 till 12 person included)
    USD 100/minibus ( 1 till 17 person included)
    USD 185/bus ( 1 till 30 person included)
    Inclusion: Private Car / Minibus / Bus + Petrol + English Speaking Driver
  • Inclusive Tours Price:
    USD 50/person
    Note: For Inclusive Price is minimun Booking 2 Person
    Inclusion: Private Car / Minibus / Bus + Petrol + English Speaking Driver + Entrance Fee + Ticket